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Voucher use

The voucher issued after the completion of your purchase must be exchanged by the actual ticket(s). You must collect your ticket(s) at any of the company’s ticket branches, upon presentation of your voucher. If you are unable to present your voucher, you must present the original photo ID card used when you purchased your ticket(s).

Ticket Purchase Through our Call Center

Please have your credit card and personal documents ready prior to calling our Call Center. Write down the following: boarding location, destination, date, time, and seat(s) corresponding to the ticket(s) purchased. At the end of the call, write down the number of the locator code provided by the customer service representative, which will be used to print your ticket(s) at a self-service totem. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the boarding time in order to collect your ticket(s) at one of the Viação Cometa branches.

Printing a ticket purchased online and/or through our Call Center

Soon after your online purchase is approved, you will receive your confirmation voucher through the email registered with Viação Cometa. You must print your ticket for boarding. The voucher cannot be used as your ticket.

In order to print your ticket(s), have the voucher displaying the locator code and the reservation number ready. That’s why you must print the voucher or write down your information. In the case of purchases made through our Call Center, your booking information will be provided over the phone, which must be used to print the ticket(s). You must print your ticket(s) at one of our ticket branches or VIP Lounges.

How to collect your ticket(s) without the voucher

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to present the voucher, proceed to any Viação Cometa branch located at selected bus terminals to print your ticket(s). You must present personal documentation (Personal ID Card and SIN) and provide your boarding location, date and time, including final destination. Third parties may collect your ticket(s) if their identification documents have been provided at the time of the purchase. Please allow 1 (one) hour prior to boarding in order to collect your ticket(s). If there is a connection problem during your purchase, make sure the transaction has been completed, which will be shown as “Confirmed” in “Purchase History”.

*The voucher cannot be redirected, which is automatically done when your purchase is confirmed.