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New technologies also rank as high priority for Catarinense. In order to upgrade its fleet performance, it has established partnerships with leading suppliers in the road transportation segment, allowing greater specialization in technical sectors and ensuring excellence in comfort and safety.

Catarinense absorbed 31 new vehicles into its fleet in 2011: an Executive class Paradiso 1600 model fitted with a Scania engine, and thirty conventional Paradiso 1050 models fitted with Volvo engines. The Paradiso G7 model made by Marcopolo offers: larger windows, environmentally-friendly air conditioning, better access to the passenger lounge with wider doors and stairs, body with a galvanized tubular steel structure, wider ergometric seats, larger storage areas and new internal lighting design with sound and heat-proofing along the sides and roof for enhanced passenger comfort.

Catarinense also runs electronic buses with Comfort Shift and Opticruise transmission systems, in addition to ABS brakes that prevent the skidding when braking sharply, even on wet surfaces. The Retarder system reduces vehicle speed without using conventional brakes, for even greater safety.

Learn more about the main vehicles in our fleet below.

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