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JCA Group/ JCA Institute

The JCA Institute was established in late 2004 in order to help underprivileged youngsters graduate from junior high school, through the Career-Strengthening (Fortalecendo Trajetórias) Project, in addition to organizing vocational training courses for needy youngsters in communities where the companies in this Group operate, through the Teaching Workshop (Oficina do Ensino) project.

At the moment, more than twenty students are looking forward to receiving their junior high school diplomas, assisted by study grants.

The Teaching Workshops organized by this Institute have already qualified more than eighty youngsters in the fields of mechanics, electricity, painting, refrigeration and panel-beating for buses, with 36 of them hired by companies in the JCA Group. The target is now to seek out new partnerships and set up even more courses.

Visit our website and learn more about the IJCA.

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