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JCA Group

Carrying almost 100 million passengers a year, the JCA Group plays a leading role in Brazil’s road transportation sector through a cluster of companies: Auto Viação 1001, Auto Viação Catarinense, Viação Cometa, Expresso do Sul, Rápido Macaense, Rápido Ribeirão Preto and Opção Turismo e Fretamento, as well as the Integrated Transportation System in Macaé, a prosperous oil town in Rio de Janeiro State. Together, these companies run more than 3,000 buses throughout South and Southeast Brazil. Ranked as leaders in their segment, the transportation companies in the JCA Group post high user satisfaction and recognition rates.

In addition to carrying passengers by road, the JCA Group is investing in the diversification of its portfolio, moving into other service segments in the real estate and technology areas, steadily firming up its status as pioneer on the market.

With an efficient management model based on good corporate governance practices, the Group, JCA and Cometa Boards ensure compliance with the guidelines, building up ample synergy and agility with the Executive Boards of JCA Holding, JCA Investimentos and Cometa and spurring steady sustainable growth.

There are five core values underpinning Group actions and decisions, widely disseminated among its eight thousand employees: focus on people, trust, positive attitude, ongoing enhancement and management by results. Environmental and social concerns are also addressed by the management policies of companies in this Group that sponsor the Instituto JCA, an outreach organization striving to transform the lives of young people through education, offering a wide variety of incentive programs and vocational training courses.

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