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  • Buy your ticket well in advance in order to choose your favorite seat.
  • Think about your return trip and book your ticket well in advance.
  • Avoid formal wear, and choose light, simple clothing.
  • If your trip is long or at night, make sure you bring a warm jacket or jersey, to avoid discomfort in some naturally chilly regions.
  • Before traveling, check out the weather at your destination, so you can plan your trip better.
  • Protect yourself against the local climate: ease up on physical effort in the heat and moisturize your skin in the cold.
  • Check out any vaccines required by your destination.
  • See your physician and have a quick check up before your trip.
  • If you take any medications, bring them along on your trip and make sure they are always easily available.
  • Avoid music players, except when wearing earphones.
  • Most buses have directional lighting for reading during the night; crosswords are an excellent pastime.
  • Be thoughtful when using the bathroom, taking care over your personal hygiene; make sure you leave the bathroom the way you would like to find it.
  • Empty cups and bottles should be placed in the rubbish bin or the throwaway recipient, together with food wrappers and other papers.
  • Be punctual when reboarding after stops and avoid causing delays that could inconvenience other passengers.
  • For people who prefer to eat or drink over shorter periods, bring water and snacks in your hand luggage.
  • During the trip and when exploring your destination, resist unusual treats, particularly when strongly flavored and spicy.
  • Travel light, leaving most of your wardrobe at home, and choosing practical suitcases.
  • Identify your baggage inside and out with a contact telephone number and your addresses of origin and destination; if you are carrying gifts, take the invoices with you in your hand luggage.
  • Bus company employees must identify all baggage through specific labels, with the passenger retaining the stub.
  • Company employees should identify all the baggage with a proper ticket, of which passengers will get a part. Thus, moving along the corridor is more comfortable, without causing annoyance to other passengers.
  • Be cautious about your own safety: personal documents must be stored carefully in your hand luggage.
  • Stay alert, particularly at stop-overs and halts, as passengers are solely responsible for their own hand luggage.
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