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Together, the JCA Group of companies, Catarinense, 1001, Viação Cometa, Expresso do Sul, and Rápido Ribeirão have created an exclusive area for their online customers called the NET Lounge, where it is even easier to

collect or purchase tickets!

You are served directly by our employees at the ticket branches, or manually at the self-service terminals.

Você encontra os totens nos terminais rodoviários de:

  • Belo Horizonte / Bus Terminal
  • Campinas / Bus Terminal
  • Curitiba / Bus Terminal
  • Florianópolis / Bus Terminal
  • Ribeirão Preto / Bus Terminal
  • Rio de Janeiro / Novo Rio Bus Terminal
  • São Paulo / Tietê Bus Terminal
  • Sorocaba / Bus Terminal

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