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JCA Institute

Instituto JCA

The Jelson da Costa Antunes Institute (IJCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthen the academic and professional path of low-income students by broadening their opportunities through vocational education. IJCA was founded in 2004 by Jelson da Costa Antunes, one of Brazil’s leading transportation entrepreneurs. For the past 12 years, the Institute has already served over two thousand youngsters, many of them residents of the East Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro. Strengthening Paths and Learning Workshop are the main IJCA programs.

Strengthening Paths aims to help good low-income students enrolled in the public school system by providing them with additional tutoring so they are better prepared to enroll in better public and private high schools and colleges. The Learning Workshop focuses on professional qualification aimed towards the job market. The program offers courses free of charge and training in Learning.

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